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10 FREE courses to learn Python

By zaletskyi

on Sun Jun 07 2020

Introduction To Python Programming

A Quick and Easy Intro into Python Programming

Python Core and Advanced

Master the fundamentals of Python in easy steps

Python from Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min.

Complete Python Programming in 30 min – Get ready for Advanced Concepts.

The Ultimate Python Basics – Bootcamp

Learn the basics of Python with awesome beginner programs to help you solve real-life situations and challenges.

Learn Python 3.6 for Total Beginners

From newbie to pro in a day with 7 brain teasing exercises and full solutions provided.

Python for Absolute Beginners!

Get started coding with one of the most beginner friendly programming languages!

MongoDB and Python: Quick start

Up and running with mongo engine

Python Programming Bootcamp (2019)

Introductory Course on Programming with Python

9. Python For Data Science

This course specifically created for Data Science / AI / ML / DL. It covers BASICS PYTHON ONLY

10. Learn Python 3 From Scratch | Python for Absolute Beginners

Learn Python 3 fundamentals from very first level. Python 3 for those who have never touched programming.

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